Software Facilities

To compliment our extensive hardware facilities we have a range of softwares to enable data to be collected across a range of platforms and environments.

Commercial Software

We have key pieces of commercial software used in modern vibration engineering worldwide.

ansys labview mathematica mathworks vibrant

In-house developed VSAT software

We have VSATs in-house developed MATLAB-based software for vibration serviceability analysis under any type of dynamic loading by human, ground-borne or wind-induced vibrations.

A paper on VSATs was presented at an ASCE Conference (Orlando, Florida, May 2010), which presents VSATs and how it aids assessment of vibration serviceability of floors, development of new floor designs and research into their vibration behaviour, together with pertinent and very important visualisation tools.

A recent technical note on VSATs decribes its extension to provide a more realistic representation of real-world conditions using data for multiple pedestrians at any time.

In-house developed Modal software

We also have in-house developed MATLAB-based software for more esoteric modal parameter estimation